Adding Features In Laravel 4 & Angular

Team: Ben Buie | 12/29/15

I got a new client about a month ago that wants to remain anonymous. I don’t like that, but they insisted. I’ve already had one other client ask for this as well, so it must be pretty common. I think it is mostly for competitive reasons.

One reason I love this project is it is built in Laravel 4, and although I have a lot of experience with PHP and some experience with Laravel, I’m still learning a lot. It has been fun to do everything from designing routes and setting up controllers to migrating the database and modifying models. Yay for Laravel and MVC, I love it!

Not only am I getting to do a lot of back-end work, I also get to apply my Angular skills to adding new features and functionality to the front-end.

Up to this point in the project I’ve been killing a lot of bugs, but one highlight for me is a new page I added to edit company data. I’ve owned this page from the ground up. I created the wireframe, added the migrations, modified the models and used Angular to add the functionality. What used to take a user 3 page loads, editing company data can now be done in one, and for any company. Thank you Angular.

I’m sure I’ll talk about this project again in the future, but I’m writing over the Christmas holiday and I need to go get some hot chocolate. 🙂


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