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Ben Buie | 10/21/15

I hired a handyman to do some work on my house and it turned out he needed a website. Like many small businesses, he had a very small budget, so small that I typically can’t help much. I gave him some options and we came up with a plan that worked for him.

Herschel, my new handyman, picked my brain about ways he could keep the budget down and he decided to open an account at wpEngine because they help manage server security (he had lots of issues with Bluehost). He watched several YouTube videos and found a highly recommended theme, installed it himself and learned how to use it. When he hit a wall, he reached out for help. Sometimes I could walk him through the issue and other times I just made the changes for him.

In the end, he got a nice looking site that allows him to update content and make changes without the help of a developer.

About The Author

Ben currently works as a senior developer and technical business consultant outside of Boulder, Colorado.

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About Buink

Buink Web Development is a development shop founded in 2009 by Ben Buie. For years, Ben built and modified web assets for clients in Utah. In 2011, he moved the company to Colorado and in 2015 he started taking on new clients full-time.

Buink’s Core Values:

  • Cost effective technology (with business strategy in mind)
  • Eloquent, maintainable code
  • Responsive and transparent communication
  • Quick project turn-around
  • Less code, less bugs
  • Start with responsive styles

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