Brands @ Sherwin Williams Product Redesign

Ben Buie | 1/17/15

I’ve done several projects and many updates for Sherwin over the past year, but nothing that was significant until recently. This site is a beast. The client didn’t have us build the site originally but they’ve had us do all the updates (not good, I hate some people’s code). In addition, the site uses WordPress multi-site which can be buggy at times, particularly when the site has a lot of plugins, which they do.

The product redesign was nice because I get to change out more and more of the old code for new, better code. The site starts feeling more like my own. The product re-design was a challenge because of the tight timeline and the limited budget. Glad to say we hit the deadline and came in on-budget, so that is nice.

One of the highlights to the project is the carousel found on all subcategory pages like Products > Frazee. This gave me an opportunity to refine my carousel code found here.

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