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Selectors in JavaScript – IDs, Data Attributes, or Classes

Ben Buie | 3/20/15

I did a guest lecture Tuesday night at Ignition, a coding school run by Spark Boulder that prepares students for their first coding internship. It was fun and I learned a lot about how to improve lecturing abilities. I also got a lot of good questions and one question that I didn’t think I answered well Read More >>

Spoiler Alert: The Price of a Website is Shocking

Author: Ben Buie Ben Buie | 3/11/15

UPDATED (2015.03.13) based on comments, again (2015.06.30) for clarity, and again (2016.04.28) for pricing. I  have an interesting power as a web developer, with mere words, I can give people a horrifying condition called sticker shock. If you’ve never felt it, imagine a mix of the feeling that someone is trying to steal your money and the feeling of disappointment Read More >>