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Ben Buie | 12/4/14 was originally built in Drupal and their team decided to port it to WordPress for several strategic reasons. I was given access to the old site and a charge to re-create the whole thing, except the scheduler (which was ported over by Randy Lybert). This was a fun project because I tried to build most of landing pages using only one page template. Because of that, I got some good experience using and re-using snippets of code throughout the site. Another project highlight is the relationships between locations and doctors and how easy it is in the WordPress admin to add doctors to locations. These relationships took some well-thought-through architecture to get them to work right and not slow down the site on page load. In the end, the new site looks just like the old one, but it is much easier to edit and maintain. Success! ūüôā

When we took over the site, it have a conversion rate of about .5%, it is now ~2%. Props to Randy Libert and the team for making that happen.

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