Hookify Feature Addition

Ben Buie | 3/27/15

Corvida Software hired me to add a feature (tracer) to their Hookify app. The feature is pretty cool, it allows someone to quickly ping any endpoint on the web and test the responses. You can save these “traces” for later so you can ping at anytime. It also saves past responses.

I quoted this project and they came back and said they’ll only pay half that much. They said I had made some mistakes in my assumptions. I don’t typically do projects on a fixed basis, but this was our first one together, so I figured I’d give it a try.

Needless to say, it didn’t end like I wanted, but I delivered them a finished project despite loosing money on the deal. That is just how I roll. They were great about it and increased their budget a little bit.

I had fun learning all kinds of stuff about pinging API’s with ajax. There are all kinds of nuances that you have to learn when creating a tool that can be used to ping multiple APIs. I also had fun using the Select2 library to add auto completing and validation to a text input.

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