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Ben Buie | 12/3/14

Catching up on some projects that I haven’t talked about yet…

Primus was the first ecommerce site I built from the ground up on Shopify. It was a good learning experience. Overall, I like Shopify’s platform. It turned out to be easier than I thought it would be to customize the main and collection page menus. This was also the first site that I built a slider that auto-crops the image based on both browser height and width. This sounds easy, and it is easier with CSS3, but all our sites have to be compatible back to IE8 so we have to use Javascript.

Another highlight on this project is the video on the product page. Shopify doesn’t allow you to give the site admin an easy way to add images and data to a product/page/etc. This made it a little tricky to allow the user to embed a video as Shopify doesn’t have that functionality outside of the WYSIWYG (which we don’t like to use because it requires the admin to know HTML). I solved this problem by using the product image functionality and parsing the ALT tag data for a string. If the string is there, I grab the url that comes after it and use that data to embed the video.

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