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Dirty Girl Run Redesign

Ben Buie | 3/21/14

I love projects that take me longer than a week, and this was one of them. This responsive site has three breakpoints (mobile, tablet, desktop) which significantly increased the front-end design time. I had a ton of fun adding in some unusual functionality like loading different images for each breakpoint, and making the homepage slider Read More >>


Ben Buie | 6/29/13

It may have seemed like I dropped off the face of the planet for the past three weeks, but I’ve been working on several cool projects for Voltage. After completing the Oktoberfest site they offered me a job and I start the end of next week. I had fun getting this site looking almost identical Read More >>

HappyFreebie Site Development

Ben Buie | 5/16/13

Update: this site is now called goodsbee.com I did 90% of the development on the site.