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Ben Buie | 12/3/14

When I first got this project, I was hesitant. The goal was to port their old site (which was a mix of one Joomla install and several WordPress sites) into one consistent WordPress install; oh, and not lose money on the project. It turned out to be very difficult. One of the big learnings from this project was that your site will always be developed better if you get all the designs done before development starts. That said, it worked out in the end.

One of the hardest things to do was to keep the URLs the same on the new site. We had to do a bit of complex redirecting using built-in WordPress functionality but were able to make it happen.

Some other project highlights include Javascript parsing for branding keywords, making the site responsive across both css and javascript, and adding custom breadcrumbs to wordpress.

The text is parsed on each page looking for keywords like SignUp, ReadUp, MeasureUP, and ShowUp. When found, the Javascript adds html to the “Up” portion of the word to make it read. This reduced the amount of html needed to add this branding to the site and allows the user to add it to the WYSIWYG.

The responsive aspects of the site sync across both the javascript and css. It is pretty cool. One example of this is the slider. Each slider image has both a mobile and tablet version, in addition to a desktop version. The browser loads the relevant image and changes the images on re-size with the changes in CSS.

Lastly, the custom breadcrumbs took a considerable amount of work, but as you can see, they work like a charm.

Live Project Link: http://www.upyourservice.com/

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