Why I Love Building MyNiceTie

Ben Buie | 3/18/14

There are two things I love about MyNiceTie: helping people through micro-finance, and helping people tie a tie.

Today, I’m thinking about how teaching people how to tie a tie is surprisingly satisfying. It is crazy to think that thanks to YouTube I’ve taught more people how to tie a tie than anyone in the history of the world. They randomly made my tie video more popular than any other video and now my how to tie a tie channel is pushing more than 25 million views.

Although that success is cool, that is not what brings satisfaction. Every once in a while a fan posts a comment or sends me an email and shares their story about how my video helped them. Sometimes it helps them at a wedding, sometimes at a funeral, sometimes its a single mom teaching her son, and other times its a boy without a father. I feel great being able to help, even in something so insignificant as learning to tie a tie.

I got an email from a fan tonight that I shared on the blog at MyNiceTie. Who knew that teaching someone to tie the Eldredge Knot could effect their employment status, but it just may.


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