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Code Butlers: Happy To Help

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 4/20/18

One of the guiding principles at Buink is to be code butlers. Although our dress is a lot less formal, our attitude should be no less helpful. The butler is there to serve, to make life easier. The butler is faithful; they’re sure to complete all requests without being asked twice. The butler avoids saying Read More >>

The True Cost of Employees

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 12/20/17

I’ve been heads down, fingers coding, energetically building Buink for over a year with no time for writing. In truth, I’ve been barely keeping my head above water! We keep adding new clients and we keep delivering great solutions; all the while, I’m getting even more busy. About a month ago, I decided it was Read More >>

Testing In Angular

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 9/9/16

When talking with potential clients, I’m often asked about my experience building tests. Test driven development is a buzzword right now and there is a lot of differing opinions. Some developers want to test 100% of their code and others as little as 20%. The common thread is that everyone agrees that testing is important. The Read More >>

Hiring Developers

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 8/25/16

Many of you know one of my passions is entrepreneurship. This is part of the reason I became a web developer and one of the reasons I love building Buink. Part of entrepreneurship is hiring the right people. Hiring is hard and it can make or break your project and company. Hiring developers is even Read More >>

Ionic Camera Functionality – Take a Picture or Choose from Library

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 6/24/16

I recently finished an IOS app using the Ionic framework. I really enjoyed the experience. Ionic has tons of time saving features, and it is based on Apache Cordova, so you can use Cordova plugins to make apps that feel quite native. My project comps required a button that would allow the user to choose a picture from their library Read More >>

Buink’s Guiding Principles

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 4/18/16

The purpose of this post is to outline some of the guiding principles of code we use at Buink. These principles inform how we review  and write code and we ask all our contractors and employees use these as well. Summary: Cost Effective Technology (efficient, maintainable) Responsive and Transparent Communication Quick Turn-Around Eloquent, Simple, Maintainable Code Organized Read More >>

Face-to-Face Meetings Are Overrated

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 3/28/16

I’d love this post to spark a conversation because I’m still formulating this opinion. In building Buink Web Development, I’ve worked with over 15 clients all over the country and close to home. The interesting thing is that I’ve met very few of them face-to-face. This is true of both my clients in San Francisco/LA/Utah as Read More >>

Is Offshore Development A Good Idea?

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 2/24/16

I recently passed my 1 year mark building Buink Web Development and thought it is about time to address one of my biggest competitors: offshore development. 🙂 I say competitor, but I honestly don’t see it as that. Looking to the future, I hope that offshore development is my friend, not my enemy. In fact, I Read More >>