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Git Commands I’ve Found Helpful

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 1/9/16

I’m creating this page mostly for me. I often find myself needing a git command I used one time a while back. The trouble with Git is it’s really hard to find a lot of the nuanced commands and there isn’t much written about them. When I find a command helpful, I’m going to record Read More >>

Contractor VS. Employee: Who Dominates?

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 12/29/15

It seems like everyone is looking for web developers these days. Being a developer, I get lots of questions in these 4 categories: (1) my development skills, (2) my contractor rate, (3) my work location (on site or remote), and (4) my willingness to be an employee again. My skills usually start the conversation and I’ve tried to make it Read More >>

The Hidden Cost of Poor Development

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 8/17/15

I’ve been doing contract development for about 7 months and I’m finally getting a good feel for what the market will pay for my services and skills. That said, I’m still surprised by people who won’t. They choose to go with cheaper, less experienced developers or overseas developers because of the lower rate. Let’s investigate (dear Watson) Read More >>

Fixed Price Development Contracts Are Bad For Business

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 7/23/15

As a freelance web developer, the first question I often get from a new client is, “Can you give me a quote for X?” This is a great question and I usually give them a ballpark figure or refer them to this article: the price of a website. These quick estimates are great for helping them make a Read More >>

Selectors in JavaScript – IDs, Data Attributes, or Classes

Ben B | 3/20/15

I did a guest lecture Tuesday night at Ignition, a coding school run by Spark Boulder that prepares students for their first coding internship. It was fun and I learned a lot about how to improve lecturing abilities. I also got a lot of good questions and one question that I didn’t think I answered well Read More >>

Spoiler Alert: The Price of a Website is Shocking

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 3/11/15

UPDATED (2015.03.13) based on comments, again (2015.06.30) for clarity, again (2016.04.28) for pricing, and again (2018.05.16) for hourly rates. I  have an interesting power as a web developer, with mere words, I can give people a horrifying condition called sticker shock. If you’ve never felt it, imagine a mix of the feeling that someone is trying to steal your Read More >>