Git Commands I’ve Found Helpful

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 1/9/16

I’m creating this page mostly for me. I often find myself needing a git command I used one time a while back. The trouble with Git is it’s really hard to find a lot of the nuanced commands and there isn’t much written about them. When I find a command helpful, I’m going to record it here and attempt to describe when I’ve used it. I’ll start with one and add over time.


`git branch -rd origin/[branch name]`

We don’t clean up branches like we should! I’m including myself in this. Sometimes I’ll get on a new project, clone the repo, and type `git branch -v` to list all the branches and I get a 10 page list! That is where this command comes in. If you try to delete a local branch (`git branch -d origin/somebranch`) it won’t work. That is where the -r comes it. Use it to delete a local remote tracking branch that is cluttering up you branch list command.

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