Senior JavaScript/PHP Developer

Makency H | 1/3/18

Job Summary

Lead Developer opportunity with a fast moving, startup environment with the stability of a successful company!

We are a development shop focusing on technology that supports business strategy. Our specialty is -JavaScript (full stack) but we also have a lot of experience in PHP. Our “Core Values” include:

-Flexible, family-friendly work schedules and locations

-Cutting edge projects, technologies, and frameworks

-Cost effective technology (with business strategy in mind)

-Eloquent, maintainable code

-Responsive and transparent communication, less code, less bugs

-Efficient projects and operations that increase productivity


You should want to:

-Lead a team and be involved coordinating project needs (from a tech standpoint)

-Set up initial architecture for new projects and new features

-Write the initial code for new projects

-Conduct code reviews for developers on your team

-Work directly with clients

-Write documentation

-Create and manage project structure with Docker (dev ops)


You should have:

– Ability to write code well and teach others to do the same

– Ability to write self-documented clean code

– Understanding of the difference between cost effective code and expensive code

– Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, Agile-like environment.

– EXPERT level Javascript experience!

Additional skills include:

-Prior tech lead experience

-Prior code architecture experience












In return you’ll receive great benefits including:

-Family friendly work environment (work-life balance)

-The ability to work remotely some or all of your time (work-life balance)

-Unlimited paid time off (work-life balance)

-Competitive salary

-Medical, vision, and dental coverage

-Retirement investment matching

-The opportunity to work with some of the most talented developers and leaders in the industry


Please send a response to the following questions to HR@Buink.Biz

1. What is the best email to reach you?

2. What are your skills (tools, specialties, languages, frameworks, packages, plugins, apis, etc.) in order of expertise? Also, please include your years experience with each skill.

  • The best way to answer this is to create a comma separated list (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc) with the 1st skill being the one you’re the best at, and then include the number of years experience after the skill in parenthesis (e.g. 1st (8), 2nd (5), 3rd (1), etc.). I hire based on skills, so the more extensive the list, the more likely you’ll bubble to the top of the list for this and other projects. *

3. What would be an ideal first task I could send you? In other words, knowing the skills I’m looking for, what would be a task I could give you to really help your skills shine?

4. How do you describe yourself in a simple title? (e.g. “I’m a ________”)

Ready to apply? Send me an email at HR@Buink.Biz